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Series: Series 3
Title: Monetary justice
Description: What is the difference between economic matters and financial matters? How do these compare with monetary matters? What has been the base for monetary transactions between social groups during the 20th and extending into the 21st century? How does the monetary system affect the life of members from your local community?, e.g. of people living in poverty ? of the affluent ? in different world regions of our global community? Does the monetary system treat these two social groups in a just manner ? How? Why ? why not? Does it lessen (mitigate) or increase the impact of climate change on all members of the Earth Community? How? Why? How would the impacts of monetary transactions on all social groups be changed if they were based on a carbon standard?
Instructor: Verhagen

OECD countries are industrialized countries in the global North.
Non-OECD countries are developing countries in the global South.




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